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The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University is a provincial general hospital with a long history, which was formerly known as the Central Hospital of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau and founded in 1915. It was merged into Zhengzhou University in 2005. The hospital is located in the center of Zhengzhou city, closely near the West Square of Zhengzhou Railway Station, with convenient transportation and excellent geographical location. The hospital covers a total area of 92.17 mu, and actually has more than 2000 opened beds.

In the past century, the hospital had experienced a long and tortuous course of development. In 1915, the hospital was founded in Zhengxian and called Jinghan Railway Zhengxian Hospital. In 1932, Longhai Railway Zhengxian Hospital was estabolished. In 1938, the War of Resistance Against Japan broke out, Zheng county was occupied by the enamy and the hospital was disintegrated. In 1948, the hospital was rebuilt as the Zhengzhou General Hospital of Zhengzhou Railway Administration. In 1956, the hospital was officially renamed as Zhengzhou Railway Central Hospital. With the railway reform and institutional adjustment, the hospital was renamed the Central Hospital of Zhengzhou Railway Administration in 90s. In September 2005, the hospital belonged to Zhengzhou University and became the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.

After nearly a hundred years of development, the hospital has become a modern provincial comprehensive hospital with advanced equipment, complete specialties, consummate technology and excellent service, which integrates medicine, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. It is also designated hospital of medical insurance in Henan, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, Zhengzhou Coal group, as well as Henan New Rural Co-operative Medical System. In 1993, the hospital was appraised as the “Grade A of Three-Class" hospital in the first-group by the Ministry of Health in Henan Province. In 1999, it was awarded the title of "100 best hospitals" by the Ministry of Health; In 2004, it was awarded the title of "National People's Model Hospital" in the first-group; In 2013, it won the honorary title of "Henan Medical Reform Innovation Model Hospital".

The hospital has 56 clinical and technique departments, with complete disciplines and comprehensive strength. The specialty of the hospital has obvious advantages. Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Vascular surgery, Digestive Medicine (the basic and emerging disciplines of Zhengzhou University), Plastic and Cosmetic Medicine and Respiratory Medicine are the key disciplines of Medical Science in Henan Province, and Oncology is the key cultivating disciplines in Henan Province. The diagnosis and treatment system with obvious advantages makes the hospital own distinctive features in the treatment of nervous system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and rehabilitation, and physical examination and preventive health care.

There are incumbency 2392 employees, including 299 with senior titles, 70 doctoral / master tutors, 482 PhD doctors / masters. The hospital is the Fifth Clinical College of Zhengzhou University, and the Postdoctoral Mobile Station of Zhengzhou University, with 6 doctoral degree authorization points and 7 master's degree authorization points. The hospital successively set up one demonstration base: Henan Province Rehabilitation Medical Service Demonstration Base; two clinical centers: Clinical Medical Rehabilitation Center of Zhengzhou University and Clinical Medical Plastic and Cosmetology Center of Zhengzhou University; three provincial centers: Henan Province Rehabilitation Medicine Quality Control Center, Henan Province Epilepsy Systemic Diagnosis and Treatment Center and Henan Province Gamma-knife Treatment Center; three key provincial medical laboratories: Henan Neurodegenerative Disease Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Medical Microecology and Clinical Nutrition Medicine in Henan, Key Laboratory of Rehabilitation Medicine of Henan Province; and five Institutes: Institute of Medical Microecology and Clinical Nutrition Research, Cerebrovascular Disease Institute of Zhengzhou University, Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Institute of Vascular Surgery, and Plastic and Cosmetic Research Institute.

The hospital has advanced medical equipments. It is equipped with rotating head gamma knife and body gamma knife, 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance, 256 layer speed CT, medical electronic linear accelerator, digital subtraction angiocardiography system (DSA), artificial kidney hemodialysis machine, automatic biochemical analyzer and so on. Advanced medical equipment and strong technical strength have broadened the service areas of the hospital, and laid the foundation for the improvement of medical quality.

In November 2015, the hospital was approved to establish Rehabilitation Hospital of Zhengzhou University by Henan Health Planning Commission. In March 2016, Rehabilitation Therapeutic Specialty was approved by the Ministry of Education and two undergraduate admissions has successfully been completed. In June 2018, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Zhengzhou University was founded. In close cooperation with Professor Barry Marshall, the Nobel prize winner in 2005, the hospital established the "Marshall Medical Research Center of Zhengzhou University " and " Marshall Hospital of Zhengzhou University ". In August 2016, the Henan Provincial Planning Commission formally approved that Marshall Hospital of Zhengzhou University was set up in the hospital. In December 2016, the Henan Provincial Helicobacter pylori and Medical Microbiota Academician Workstation estabolished on the cooperation between the hospital and professor Barry Marshall was approved by Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department.

In November 2017, in “2016 China best hospital and best specialist list” issued by the Hospital Management Research Institute of Fudan University, the hospital was ranked top 17 in the comprehensive strength hospital list in Central China, and top 4 in Henan comprehensive hospital list. Rehabilitation medicine was ranked top 5 in Central China and first in Henan, and orthopedics and neurosurgery were nominated for the best specialist list in Central China.

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