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Wang Bing

Deputy Dean of the Fifth AffiliatdHospital of Zhengzhou University

Professor, Chief Physician, MD &PhD, doctoral tutor. The director of the Institute of vascular surgery of ZhengzhouUniversity, member of the Chinese Medical Association, deputy chairman of theHenan Surgery Specialized Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, deputypresident of the Surgical Branch of the Henan Physician Association, thedirector of the Henan Provincial Vascular Surgery Committee, the deputydirector of the Henan Intervention Committee, and the Young-middle-age Scienceand Technology Innovation Talent of the Innovative Talent Project of the HenanHealth Science and Technology, "Central Plains Health Good Guard",Henan Province Youth Science and Technology Talents, the expert member of HenanProvince, the invited editorial board of the PLA Medicine, the executive editorof China Journal of Tissue Engineering Research, the exchange scholar of JohnHopki University, the visiting professor of University of Tokyo in Japan and thevisiting scholar of University of Newcastle. He is good at carotidendarterectomy for carotid stenosis, thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm,intercalation and intracavitary treatment, artificial or autologous vascularbypass grafting for arteriosclerosis obliterans of the lower extremities,Budd's syndrome, peripheral and visceral artery stenosis and (or embolism)external and interventional therapy. Treatment of venous thrombosis, limb lymphedema and other peripheral vascular diseasesare at the leading level in Henan province, and advanced level in China.

Deputy dean Wang Binghas performed more than 3000 cases of carotid endarterectomy and over 2000cases of arteriosclerosis obliterans of lower extremity using hybridizationtechnique. Whether the total number of operations or operationeffect are at the leading level in the country, with an important impact on the academic community. Hehosts more than 10 projects from Henan Department of Health and Department of Scienceand Technology. “Clinical research of carotid atherosclerotic vascularobstruction surgery and endovascular treatment” were granted the second-class prizeof the introduction of new medical technology award by Henan Province. He haspublished more than 30 papers, and supervised more than 10 postgraduates, with richexperiences in clinical, scientific research and teaching.

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