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Zhu Guang

Chairman of Trade Unions

Chief Physicianand Master supervisor. He has engaged in cardiothoracic surgery, ICU, andemergency treatment for long time. He masters surgery and treatment ofcardiothoracic diseases, ICU monitoring techniques and various emergencytreatment techniques. He has participated in the development of standards forcompetition in first aid technology in the health system and serves as a judge.He is currently the member of the Emergency (resuscitation) Physicians Branchof the Henan Association of Physicians, the member of the Emergency Center (Station)Branch of Henan Provincial Hospital Association, the member of the DisasterMedical Branch of the Henan Medical Association, and the deputy chairman of theZhengzhou Outpatient and Emergency Management Professional Committee of the ChineseHospital Association. He has published the books of "Guidelines for EmergencyMedical Treatment and Diagnosis of Common Clinical Diseases" and"Practical Diagnosis and Treatment of Internal Medicine." He haspublished a number of academic papers and won two scientific research awards.He is currently hosting one of the scientific research projects from the Departmentof Science and Technology and the Department of Health in Henan Province.

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