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Wang Xinjun

Secretary of the committee of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University (FAHZZU) of the Communist Party of China (CPC). 

MD & PhD, Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor. In 1994 and 1995, he studied neurosurgery and supervised by academician Wang Zhongcheng in Beijing Tiantan Hospital, respectively. He was a visiting scholar of Stanford Hospital and Clinic, American UCSD Cancer Research Center, Department of Neurosurgery in National University of Singapore Hospital and the Chinese University Hong Kong Hospital. 

From July 1989 to now, he has engaged in clinic, teaching and research in the fifth Affiliated Hospital. Currently, he is the head of the key discipline Neurosurgery in Henan Province and the director of the standardized treatment center of epilepsy in Henan.

Academic titles and achievements: the member of the Seventh National Neurosurgery Committee of the Chinese Medical Association (only 2 people in Henan), deputy chairperson of the seventh and the Sixth Henan Neurosurgery Specialty Branch and the head of the Neurotrauma Treatment Group, the director of the Chinese anti epileptic Association, the Deputy chairperson of Committee of the Henan branch of Anti-epileptic Specialty, and standing member of the Rehabilitation Management Society of the China Hospital Association and chairperson in Henan Province. Chairperson of Henan Society of Immunology. He is standing editor of Journal of Chinese Neurosurgery (English version), Chinese Journal of Experimental Surgery, Chinese Journal of Clinicians, Henan Surgery, Chinese Journal of the Brain Disease and Rehabilitation, Journal of Modern Electrophysiology, and so on.

For 24 years in the Department of Neurosurgery, he has performed more than 5000 cases of craniocerebral and spinal operations and over 2000 cases of focal epilepsy and intractable epilepsy operations. He has carried out 24 new medical serdeputy and new technology, won 14 awards and filled 8 blanks in Henan Province. He has presided and completed 11 provincial-level achievements appraisal and 9 awards. He has published 108 papers, of which 75 in the core journals and 9 in SCI journals. He, as the editors-in-chief, wrote the textbook "Surgery" of the Ministry of Health, Henan provinccial 11th Five-Year key books "Pediatric Neurosurgery of Operation Diagram" "Clinical Pathology", "Tumor Related Epilepsy Therapy", and so on. Among them, "Tumor Related Epilepsy Therapy " won the outstanding medical book of Henan Province. He has won the title of Henan Province Young and Middle-aged Creative Talents, leader of Zhengzhou Science and Technology, Zhengzhou Science and Technology Innovation talents, Henan Province Excellent Doctors and so on.

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